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«Relaxing & Rhythmical»


The “Fountain of Youth,” as legend has it, is a spring that restores the youth of anyone who drinks or bathes in its waters. Inspired by this famous fable, Chablé Spa offers an experience of true restoration and renewal. The Fountain’s Flow ritual draws the healing waters of the Cenote into the treatment for a full body, mind and soul revival. The experience begins with the Chablé Welcome Ritual, followed by the exclusive Flotation experience for its tranquilizing effect. An herbal salt exfoliation renews the skin and our signature Lymphatic Flow massage helps to establish an internal healing rhythm. To end the treatment, the therapist will offer an Aromatic Anointment, uniting intellect with inspiration.

Floatation Therapy

Sea and Sky Conditioning Treatment

Nirvana Stress Relief Massage

Renew Herbal Massage

Lymphatic Flow Massage

Body in Balance Stimulating Massage

Diosa de la Lluvia Flow

Bio-Energy Lift Remineralizing Facial

Optimal Aging Facial

Pure Radiance Anti-Inflammatory Facial

Brightening Facial

Mayan Temazcal


“Detox & De-stress & Balance”


Our Signature Life Balance Ritual channels the Mayan understanding of the universe through therapies that integrate the whole being. Knowledge and practices provided by traditional cultures offer insight into maintaining inner balance and harmonizing with the external world. The contemporary mental, emotional and physical stressors that impact us on a daily basis are the canvas on which we construct or dilute our well-being. Drawing on traditional Mayan wisdom, this Ritual focuses on calming the nervous system, purifying the body, and opening the emotional pathways to result in the inner tranquility necessary to live a life in balance. The experience begins with a Chablé Welcoming ceremony with Mayan Ritual elements to balance the energies of the five cosmic directions of the Earth and orient our guest in time and space. This is followed by our skin nourishing Herbal Salt scrub and Volcanic Clay Wrap to encourage deep cleansing and release. The Chablé Precious Stone Massage helps release stagnant energy and promote grounded stability, while an anointment of the crown with aromatic oils brings about a calm awakening. The ritual concludes with a special Chablé closing oriented towards continuing the circle of life.

Salt Chamber

Chaya and Verbena Body Polish

Volcanic Mineral Mud Body Scrub / Wrap

Deep Forest Detox Massage

Balance Herbal Massage

Arnica Deep Tissue Relief Massage

Chablé Precious Stone Massage

Mayan Herbal Compress Massage

Chablé Tree of Life Treatment (4-handed)

Tree of Life Balancing Head, Heart and Root Treatment

Diosa de la Lluvia Balance

Earth and Sky Harmonizing Facial

Jade Stone Contour Facial

Eye Contour

Guided Meditation

Aztec Temazcal Ceremony


“Heart-Opening & Connecting»


The powerful energy and vibrations that are at play in creating health and wellbeing in the body are the same frequencies that work in Nature, helping the flowers to bloom, birds to sing, seeds to sprout and rain to fall. In this ritual we celebrate this connection to Nature’s divine wisdom and our position in the cosmos according to Mayan Cosmogony. Nature possesses the innate wisdom to restore balance where balance has been lost, and we are equipped with the same wisdom. This unique treatment incorporates a variety of specialized vibrational therapies with tones, percussion and song to create energetic shifts, and a therapeutic Mayan Rebirth massage to create profound shifting in the body. The treatment ends with an aromatic anointment and the Chablé Circle of Life Closing Ritual to seal and release. The philosopher Nietzsche once said “Song elevates our being and leads us to the good and the true” and this Ritual will certainly have a lasting elevating effect.

Mayan Rebirth Massage

Ixchel New Life Massage

Floral Blossom Massage

Blue Eucalyptus Aromatic Massage

Hierbabuena Hand & Arm Tension Relief

Hierbabuena Foot Therapy

Diosa de la Lluvia Inspire

Aromatic Anointment

Soothe and Restore Facial

Wild Lime Scalp Treatment

Energetic Sound and Stone Cleansing

Nomadic Temazcal Ritual

Temazcal Re-Awakening Ceremony


Wellness & Fitness Activities


Cultural Activities


Gastronomic Activities


Chocholá and surroundings

The authentic Maya town of Chocholá is just minutes from the resort.


The town is alive with textile shops, markets, and local eateries. Bikes are available to guests for rides into town to experience a typical day in the Yucatan. With more than 90% of the staff residing from Chocholá, residents are always eager to showcase this quaint town.
For those guests interested in venturing further, Mérida is just a 20-minute drive from the resort. The city of Mérida is a cultural center, with numerous museums, art galleries, restaurants, theatres and shops that come alive at night with music and dancing. The streets of Mérida are lined with beautiful colonial buildings. The famous avenue, Paseo de Montejo, is adorned with original sculptures.
The area that surrounds Chablé is rich with Mayan Ruins. Self-guided or guided day trips can be arranged to Uxmal, Chichen Itza, The Puuc Route Ruins, among other important sites.
The beach is located in the town of Progresso just one hour north of Chablé. Additionally, the Yucatan is famous for its natural cenotes, and guests can easily access a number of these sacred swimming holes nearby.
Celestún is another great day trip (1.5 hour drive).
Here guests will find a sleepy fishing town dotted with nice beaches and home to the Reserva de la Biosfera Ría Celestún, a wildlife sanctuary teaming with flamingos and an abundance of marine life.